If you live in central Oregon, YOU are at risk!

With snow capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains framing views to the west, and the arid high desert extending to the east, the beauty and uniqueness of central Oregon is spectacular. With this beauty however, comes the very real risk of wildfire.


Every summer, storms move across the region bringing lightning strikes that cause hundreds of wildfires. Wildfire is a fact of life in central Oregon. Add to this fact the hundreds of wildfires caused by careless people and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Central Oregon communities experience large wildfires virtually every summer that threaten lives, property, wildlife and our beautiful landscape. Evacuations during these events cause an even greater challenge.

Our greatest resource in preventing catastrophic losses from wildfires is YOU!

By taking responsibility for creating defensible space on your own property, you greatly reduce your chances of losing your home to wildfire.  ACT NOW!

FireFree is based on and provides a national model for wildfire mitigation that promotes 10 simple steps that homeowners can take to create defensible space around their homes.